super charger oil

Posted by: PtownJames

super charger oil - 03/06/12 11:54 AM

is there a substitute oil other the dealer only gm oil? Or would a synthetic oil be better?
Posted by: abn scout

Re: super charger oil - 08/22/12 12:10 AM

hey whats up i was looking into super charger oil to and the manger at advance said u could use like a 5 w 30 synthetic he said gm is famous for doing little shit like this so it keeps us commin back to the dealer
Posted by: jjcom

Re: super charger oil - 08/22/12 09:44 PM

It's true that you can use 5w30 synthetic motor oil, the GM super charger oil has a different additive package than regular motor oil. If you're in a pinch and you really need some, than Mobil 1, Pennzoil Plat/Ultra will do, but I'd go ahead and spend the extra few bucks and put the right stuff in.
Posted by: HercMan(Rob)

Re: super charger oil - 10/06/12 07:53 PM

Most people only need one or two changes. Is that dollar or two savings worth the piece of mind?