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hi another fng - 08/21/12 01:07 AM

i just got an 05 grand prix gtp last week and i got some questions for u all if u could help id b most thankfull 1.where is the fuel fillter located and is it hard to change or should it b changed car has 122,000 miles on it 2. id like to get an aftermarket exhaust for a better sound but still get better gas milige as well any ideas 3. what weight oil does the supercharger take does it also have a fillter and can i change it 4. i also have a check engine light on with codes p0443 and p0420 what can i check or do myself b4 i buy lots of parts
iam going to put new plugs and wires on the car cause it has 122,000 miles on it sorry for the long post thanks for your help
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Re: hi another fng - 08/21/12 06:53 AM

1.) The fuel filter on that model is in the tank and is not serviceable. It'll come on a new pump assembly if/when the current pump fails, which shouldn't be for awhile yet. Don't worry about that one

2.) The stock cat back flow very well on those cars, so no need for any major changes. The resonator can be removed on that exhaust for a little more sound. A whole new cat back won't make a change in fuel mileage, so I wouldn't worry about changing it all out. Another option would be to put on some new magnaflow muffers or Flowmaster 40s...both are common choices on the 3800 platform. Keep in mind the 3.8s don't sound that great when they're made very loud.


There's one way to do it and it'll show you where you need to look for the plug. Best thing for the oil is go to the dealer and ask for it. They'll know what you need. I'd get in the habit of changing it out everything 30k miles or so. Also, there's no filter to be changed for that.

4.) The p0443 more than likely the EVAP purge solenoid has failed. You should be able to pick one up at an autoparts store without much trouble.

The p0420 is saying the catalytic converter has failed. There's couple options what is actually wrong...the converter could have failed or the rear 02 sensor could be bad. Cheapest place to start is to replace the sensor, and if that fails, the converter. If you need a new converter, I'd recommend a new magnaflow converter from rockauto or if you're looking for alittle more performance, a new downpipe from one of the 3800 vendors.

And as a side note, neither one of these fault codes will hurt anything. You can drive the car forever with these issues and it won't hurt anything, so don't worry.

Plugs and wires, I've had great luck using AC Delco or Autolite plugs. Either would do fine in your application. I feel the same for plug wire brands too.

Hope this helps you out! And Congrats on the new car, I've got an base model 07 and love it.
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Re: hi another fng - 08/21/12 10:33 AM

thanks for the help i will do what u say asap i went and got bosch iridium plugs and 8 mm wires instead of standard 7 mm wires