2008 GXP Questions

Posted by: JustinGXP

2008 GXP Questions - 09/29/11 10:33 AM

I have been looking for a newer GXP and have found a 2008 with the 5.3L and most of the available gadgets. I have three questions:

First, are there any general issues with regard to repair or maintenance of this model?

Second, the sun roof shows a water mark across the front corner of the driver's side slide cover. The mark makes a rough triangle of about 4" per side. Are these prone to leak? My second choice does not have a sun roof.

Third, the engine looks good. Dealers always clean the engine so you can't tell if there are any small leaks; but, the thin layer of insulation directly under (attached to) the hood has been about half sprayed by something and an approximate 8" x 11" oval part of it is worn away towards the drivers side. Any idea as to what might have blown or would it more likely be an overzealous pressure washer operator?