G8 will only have a 5 year run

Posted by: Acefighter

G8 will only have a 5 year run - 10/23/08 03:29 PM


Hmm. It's looking like I won't be with Pontiac down the road. They aren't going to have any fun cars.
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Re: G8 will only have a 5 year run - 10/23/08 04:07 PM

aww wth, that sucks.
Posted by: Doug in CT

Re: G8 will only have a 5 year run - 10/24/08 10:47 AM

Just when things were improving at Pontiac, arggh! Well, with talks of a possible GM Chrysler merger, I wonder if Pontiac itself may only have 5 more years. Even if the merger doesn't happen I think this news is evidence that GM doesn't want to invest in Pontiac. Sad day! Also, if the merger does go through and Pontiac goes up against Dodge without the G8 or the Solstice, I think Dodge wins. As a Peugeot owner as well (don't laugh, it kicks Honda but) I already know what it's like to own an orphaned car.
Posted by: Acefighter

Re: G8 will only have a 5 year run - 10/28/08 02:04 PM

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Re: G8 will only have a 5 year run - 10/28/08 08:38 PM

Just like the article says, its an ugly reality but a reality nonetheless...if sales of either car dont make it viable then they will go the way of the dinosaur. This is the same reason so much of Chryslers lineup is in trouble because they are top heavy with v8 powered rwd cars. Unless there is a technology breakthrough that will allow such vehicle to be more liveable at the gas pump and checkbook their futures look bleak.

I personally think the Solstice would be much better seller if they just had made the design even a tiny bit more practical. Miata sales havent tanked because of GM's twins mostly because the Mazda still has a trunk and hugely loyal fan base. When a large touring motorcycle has more stowing space than your 2seat roadster thats pretty sad in my book.

The v6 G8 is still a darned nice car but I have been surprised a how little advertisng the car has recieved. In my opinion the Grand Prix is shining example of how you can have looks, performance, practicality and economy wrapped up in single package...maybe GM should be looking in its own back yard instead of down under.
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Re: G8 will only have a 5 year run - 10/28/08 10:06 PM

I actually LOVE to see G8 dies. For I was NEVER a fan of Aussie imported Holden rebadged as Pontiac. Never a fan of Holden to begin with, and I don't like the idea of putting the Pontiac logo on the Holden from down under. I would really LOVE to see it die and I want the North American made Grand Prix(no matter FWD or RWD) to return in place of it. GP should have NEVER died.