No more G8's?

Posted by: Doug in CT

No more G8's? - 01/14/10 12:06 AM

Well my wife and I struggled with the idea of getting a new G8 with the $6,500 cashback that was offered until Jan. 4. Ultimately, we couldn't justify it with a second baby on the way. We'll probably just get a cheap mini-van and hold on to our 2 Grand Prix's.
Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I checked the Pontiac website recently. The incentive is down to $3,000 and you can't even search for G8's anymore. There were only about 10 within 100 miles prior to the last day of the promo. Strangely they were MIA at the 2 dealerships we visited right after Christmas. Now they're all gone!
I looked into it and found an article online that implied that at the time of the $6,500 offer, GM was also offering $7,000 incentives to sell any Pontiacs left to fleet/rental companies.
I wonder if the dealerships already decided to sell to the lease/rental fleets prior to the end of the incentive and just kept them listed in inventory in case anyone was willing to pay too much for one.
Also, a search for any Solstice's came up empty as well, but the search option is there for them so there must be some left somewhere. Oh any case, I'll be holding out for a nice used G8 in about 5 years. RIP Pontiac!
Posted by: Acefighter

Re: No more G8's? - 01/14/10 12:42 AM

They gots them in Australia, lucky SOBs...

Pontiac Commodore to Stay
Posted by: nyjets91

Re: No more G8's? - 01/14/10 09:05 AM

I had just seen an article on Jalopnik last week that said some dealer in California has the last one. It's sad to think that such a great car is gone.