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#150659 - 02/17/06 09:08 PM Some Q's for the experienced
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Whats up guys i just joined this site, and have some questions for you guys that are experienced with the Grand Prix.

Alright heres the deal, I drive a 2005 Cobalt SS/SC and know the route i am going to drop my drag e.t.'s. However my dad has a bone stock 2004 Grand Prix GTP. The other day we went to the track like we do pretty often and i took his down the track for the first time. My best pass was an 11.97 @85 in the 1000. We dont have a quarter mile track around here. I was extremely surprised at how smoothly, and how much easier this car, is to launch off the line. I cut a 2.1xx 60 ft. Is this pretty good for a bone stocker?

What is the cheapest best route to making this car a beast at the track. Obviously a pulley and exhaust would help, but what are the best products you guys would recommend from your own experiences? Any help would be appreciated, and if you guys want to see the link of the GP running, and my car vs. his at the track let me know and ill send you the streetfire link.

#150660 - 02/22/06 09:46 AM Re: Some Q's for the experienced
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With no other mods on a 2004+ GTP step one would be: A 3.4" to 3.6" pulley (the smaller the pulley, the more support mods you will need to keep it all together), cheap cone intake and thermo stat.

Those would be a starting point.

Step two: Replace the exhaust (from the headers back if you want to spend $$$), and a reprogrammed PCM.

The big diff to keep in mind is the Cobalts and Ions come factory intercooled where the W body platform supercharged cars do not.

GM cheaped out and uses PCM reprogramming to keep knock down - which primarily = running the motor rich and dumping large amounts of fuel to stop ping / knock.

Step three: Rockers (or save money on these and wait for cam in step four). Cheap Intercooler.

And last but not least Step four: Would be internal engine work (a cam install + all the necessary porting and polishing) or fancy intercooler would be last.


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