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#150792 - 03/30/07 12:43 PM radio gone crazy
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well, i was in a car accident with someone rear ending me. this was at a fairly low speed so i don't think it caused it (just figured i'd mention it)

about 4 days or so after the accident i got a phone call and answered it as i started my car. the radio was on louder then i thought and quickly went to turn i down and i pushed in on the button at the same time. the radio turned off and i finished my call. went to turn it back on and the screen started going crazy on me. the sound was coming through from the CD i had in, but i couldn't do anything while the screen was going nuts except volume and the eject. i got it back to the radio after a bit and couldn't change the station to one of the presets, but could manually do it with the knob, but the screen was still going all over the place.

ok a better description of what the screen is doing. it lights up every part of the screen like it is reseting, and then will often flicker about. this doesn't always happen right away. sometimes it won't start until i've driven a little bit.

i tried to disconnect it and make sure it was discharged, but that didn't seem to fix it. i've noticed that i can get it to go back to normal by pressing on the radio in random places.

my car is an 04 gt1, and still under warranty, so i'm thinking it should be covered under that if it has to be replaced.