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#151000 - 01/22/06 06:34 AM Turning noise......
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I have an 04 Grand Prix GT2, love the car!!, but there has been a thumping, clunking noise coming from the front when making a turn. I have been doing some checking around and see that there are alot of bulletins out about this problem.

The car goes to the dealership tomorrow for servicing and to have this problem checked out.

Have any of you had this trouble? Also, my car went out of warranty about 6 weeks ago, is Pontiac going to pay for this repair since there are numerous complaints out about it? or am I going to have to stand the expense?

I'm kinda ticked because I just took it in 6 weeks ago before the warranty was up and it was supposed to have had a thorough inspection at that time to find anything like this
#151001 - 01/22/06 04:01 PM Re: Turning noise......
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I posted the following posts in September when facing a similar situation. Luckily I was still under warranty (34,000) when I noticed it. It was an aluminum subframe which attaches directly to the engine mounts (or so I was told.)

I have a 2004 GT2 with 34,000 miles. Recently began to notice clicking, popping coming from the front end when turning wheel from left to right. Dealer indicated the noise was coming from an aluminum subframe attached to the front end and the engine mount. The tech said the problem has been common with cars having the aluminum subframe. It is currently in the shop and requires a replacement part, being done under warranty. I'll post again when resolved.
They replaced the subframe under the warranty. The fix included a front end alignment. And I can say the popping, clicking noise is totally eliminated now.
#151002 - 01/29/06 07:42 PM Re: Turning noise......
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I have a sound like that but only when I turn to the left, slight change in stearing wheel and I hear it. Brakes ok, etc.. just got them checked, power stearing ok as well. IF USING BRAKE I don't hear the sound. Any ideas or does this sound the same?