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#211350 - 06/25/09 07:13 PM Grand Prix acting funny at stoplights and weird accel help
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About a month ago my grand prix died on the way to work and I had all of this replaced:

-Intake manifold
-New sparkplugs & wires
-New battery
-New air filter

Fixed the problem but the temp gauge would get very hot all the way upto 210 sometimes when I was idle at a drivethru or something but go back down to about between 160 and 210 on the guage. Didnt think to much of it.

Now when I am at stoplights (only after driving the car for awhile when it heats up I drive 45 min home and by the time I get to the city from driving in the interstate it is doing this problem) the car will idle weird making a rumbling noise I can feel and the rpms will go from 6 or 700 - 900 or 1000 dropping and raising. I push on the gas slow or fast and it hesitates but once I am upto probably 20mph or so i dont notice anything.

I also noticed this problem first started when I used the AC a few days ago and I turned off the AC and it went away. Now the problem is there wether I have the AC on or not. I am worried my car is going to die on me and I want to get this problem fixed before something happens seeing I need my car to go to work its long distance commute.

Thank you for anyone who can help me what I should get checked out or what I can do myself I would like to get this problem fixed this weekend before I have to go to work on monday. Thanks again Gp forums!
#211351 - 06/26/09 04:31 PM Re: Grand Prix acting funny at stoplights and weird accel help
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You post this in the wrong section so I would advise you to post in the 97-2003 section since you habe a 98 and you will get more responses there.
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