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#211363 - 08/06/08 12:01 AM HP Tuners
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This is a carry over from another forum, but I feel we can continue with this topic on this site. Feel free to add your input to this subject matter.

I myself have experimented with the stock and Jet MAF having had the wire mesh screen in and out in both. I've never coded with any combination, but I can tell you what differences I've noticed.

Stock MAF, Screen In: This has the worst throttle response, revs are slower, and car doesn't pull as hard. Best MPG
Stock MAF, Screen Out: Throttle response better, revs improve, but still slow, and car pulls a tad bit harder.
Jet MAF, Screen In: Throttle response good, revs a lot quicker, engine feels like it has more torque, car pulls harder, MPG is down.
Jet MAF, Screen Out: Throttle response snappier, still revs quicker, engine has more torque through to midrange, engine definitely has more torque. Enough to catch and pass a 535i BMW that passed me at 60 MPH and I came back and passed him at a 108 MPH on I95 last Friday Morning without using TAPShift. I just "mashed the gas" and the engine/trans did all the work. I caught him off guard trying to find a gear to come and catch me. MPG is way down. Still no codes at all.

I'm Old School and outside of using a MSD Electronic Ignition, I'm new to this Computerized, Electronic game with cars. Still, I'm learning and getting a better understanding of how all this trick stuff works. I can tell you that the 3" high flow exhaust that you're using is what's causing you to code. It's too free flowing and doesn't have enough back pressure. You exceeded your ECM limits. You definitely need to tune. This is why I'm not installing a 3" DP/plus CAT until I myself get that HPTuner. I'm also reinstalling the Stock MAF until then, also. Don't want to burn that much petro just going back and forth to work.

There is a lot of people here that really know what they're talking about in LS1Tech and I'm listening, learning, and applying what they know and what old school tricks I know and understand to do this thing right. I'm definitely on it.


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