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#211475 - 06/16/05 10:47 PM Re: GTP Meets GXP (56k warn for pics)
BryantGTP Offline
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Nice pics bobby.
#211476 - 06/30/05 02:48 PM Re: GTP Meets GXP (56k warn for pics)
Caesar Offline
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My boss just picked a GXP up on Tuesday. I was drooling. Funny thing about those wheels. You can see an ALCOA stamping on the wheel. My boss's neighbor works for ALCOA and said that GM let them put their brand name on the wheel because ALCOA did not charge them to stamp "Forged" on each wheel. I'm not sure why they would want that on the wheels. I heard that by doing that for them ALCOA saved GM a $1.00 per wheel.
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#211477 - 07/14/05 09:52 AM Re: GTP Meets GXP (56k warn for pics)
Shadetree Offline
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One word, Georgious!
Pontiac is better than Chevy!
#211478 - 03/07/06 05:00 PM Re: GTP Meets GXP (56k warn for pics)
SpeedemonGXP Offline
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Last year, MotorTrend did an extensive article on front vs rear drive performance. They tested a GXP against an Infiniti G35 and a WRX. Of note in the article was the circumstances as to how GM came up with the wheel/tire combination and sizes. Apparently to offset understeer, which, because of the 67% front weight bias was huge on this car with equal sized tires all around, they started playing with sizes, and came upon this combination as the final answer - only problem, no one made a "matched" set in these tire sizes. They shopped it around and only BFG was willing to believe in their concept. Once setup, it performed well beyond expectations, or so almost all the articles I've read report, and the steering is fairly neutral, with minimal understeer at higher performance levels.

Of note though is the fact that BFG makes the tires, which I've only seen reported last for 25k miles. I have to admin these tires are really sticky, and I've pulled, according to my onboard display .90g, they weren't screaming too loudly , but the handling was tight and right on.

Now, if Michelin only made a set for wet climates like Washington's.....
#211479 - 03/28/06 11:49 AM Re: GTP Meets GXP (56k warn for pics)
hotrodpc Offline
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Second Pic: Awww, they're in love.
no spare tire??? what a shame
I just wish I had the drivetrain (GXP) under the hood of my 01.

Since the 2 are in love, maybe you can lock them in the garage together and leave them alone for a while for some privacy. Maybe in a few months we will have some offspring of a GXP Drievtrain in an 01 Body with a spare tire and upgraded DIC. Wouldn't we all be happy ??????? ARE YOU READING PONTIAC????
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