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#211505 - 07/17/07 03:16 PM Hit a Pothole....
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I hit a pothole last week...and then my tire went flat...put a can of fix a flat in it...and air and in held....but of course had a horrible I went today to get some in expensive (500.00$) set of rims for it...just the 16's so I didn't have to buy tires too....but there is still a bad vibration...obviously I know that if they jacked up the balancing that could be the problem...but what else? The alignment seems good...could I have messed up something in the suspension?
#211506 - 08/09/07 12:06 AM Re: Hit a Pothole....
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Well correct me if im wrong.,, but dosent fix a flat make that heavy foam to clog holes? Think that may be throwing your tire off balance. Its definatly not even;y distrubuted throughout the inside of that tire. And think of how loght a whee; weight is...just a gess
#211507 - 08/09/07 09:36 PM Re: Hit a Pothole....
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ya hitting a pothole and throwing fix a flat will throw off the balance, fix a flat works but you have to start driving almost instantly otherwise it will settle in one spot and then it throws off the balance, im prolly wrong but, im pretty sure that the damage might be irreplaceable

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#216068 - 09/23/11 06:25 PM Re: Hit a Pothole.... [Re: malibu3800]
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might have broken a belt in your tire too
#216110 - 09/26/11 01:42 PM Re: Hit a Pothole.... [Re: malibu3800]
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that sucks

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