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#211616 - 02/03/07 12:41 PM Re: performance mufflers
tduuble20 Offline
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I got this car in Jan of 06. I've added a Flowmaster Exhaust System, Mass Air Flow Sensor & a K&N Air Filter Kit to my Car. It moved me to about 330HP without any engine modifications. I love the way it sounds now. I want a supercharger for this car. Any engine mods out there for this car?
#211617 - 02/05/07 10:55 AM Re: performance mufflers
Kansas GXP Offline
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As of right now, there is not a supercharger out for the GXP, or a turbo, for that matter. Although there are guys out there working on a turbo.

Really, the best power adder as of now, would be a bottle... but then again, you might not want to do that.
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#211618 - 02/14/07 10:56 PM Re: performance mufflers
uncletrav Offline
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Great info guys. I'll hit up the muffler shop in the spring to have the resonator removed. Naturally, I store my girl when the weather gets cold out.
Anyone have a link for that K&N intake? Didn't see anything at Summit. I put a K&N in the stock location, but I know that an intake kit would add power and throttle tone.
Dynomax makes a kit for 2005's. Will that fit mine? Should I wait around for a Flowmaster kit? Perhaps I should wait to ask that until I see how much I like the sound w/o the resonator...
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#211619 - 02/15/07 03:51 PM Re: performance mufflers
PontiacPhil Offline
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I wouldn't waste the money on new muffs, sounds good enough with the res off. New muffs won't do anything for performance anyway. Like you I only have the K&N filter. You can get the K&N CAI set up for about 250.00 and Jegs or other places. Alot more bang for the buck than just welding new muffs on.
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#211620 - 03/02/07 01:59 PM Re: performance mufflers
Kojack Offline
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I put on a k&N cold air system.The cost was approx 280 canadian.It comes with a heat sheild and you have to remount the computer box and the transmision computer as well.It looks great and sounds even better.Comes with the cone airfilter and all the rubber bushings to remount the computer modules.Well worth the money. I mean we did spend 40,000 on the car.
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