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#211767 - 08/20/08 01:43 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
framos242 Offline
Registered: 07/15/04
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Loc: Chicago, IL
I want a G8 GXP.

Glad to see you around Brian.

Ace, don't worry about the extra 50 HP. Chico will make it up one way or another.
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#211768 - 08/20/08 03:56 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
Acefighter Offline
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Loc: Texas
That's true. lol
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#211769 - 08/21/08 11:49 AM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
HercMan(Rob) Offline
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Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
In a few years the 04 will be "more" desirable because it was the first year the GTO was back.
#211770 - 08/22/08 05:38 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
Chico Offline
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Originally posted by Acefighter:
Why an 04, chico? I'd rather get the 6.0L 05 or 06 with 50 extra hp. lol
It was a deal that came along I picked the 04 up from an old couple that only put 5000 miles on it besides the Ls1 is a proven performer wereas the LS2 is plauged by problems and for the extra "50"hp the 05 is hardly any quicker .Chico(pops)
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#211771 - 08/26/08 06:00 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
northtnguy Offline
Registered: 04/07/05
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Loc: Nashville, TN
Some day ..... I bought the '98 GTP used then drove it six years, then got the '05 Comp G. I guess that would put me in the G8 in 2012?? I don't see me getting anything else until '10 or '12. But that G8 sure would be nice sitting in the driveway right now!

#211772 - 08/26/08 10:34 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
Richard Candelario Offline
Registered: 12/15/05
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I agree. Then again, right about now, ALMOST anything is nicer than this ^&$%O(%# Bird.

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#211773 - 09/01/08 08:02 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
ThunderBat Offline
Registered: 03/11/04
Posts: 5176
Loc: Virginia
Since your busy at PFYC Brian I would hope you guys will find some suppliers for the of the things I love so much about my GP is the plentiful aftermarket support the car has. I've found where there is good aftermarket,there will always be people involved in modding and maintaining their cars...and that knowledge goes a long way to helping each other out.

The G8 seems like prime candidate for this kind of thing even though all the model I've looked at so far appear to come fairly nicely equipped...but that was true of the GP and that didnt stop the mod-happy crowd.
I know how ugly the flip side of this can be because my Sebring convertible has zero aftermarket help and info between owners is scarce because of it.

I personally hated to see the GP be discontinued but like you said, Pontiac has moved on. I hope the G8 enjoys the same kind of success and reputation of being as great a car as the GP has been.
(for starters how about a rear decklid spoiler with a little more attitude...something akin to the Inferno Pkg would be hot on the G8)

Good to know youre still checking in on us thumbsup

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#211774 - 09/01/08 10:17 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
Redshift Offline
Registered: 05/01/02
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Loc: Raleigh, NC
We're hoping to get more and more parts listed as they become available.
- Brian
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#211775 - 10/09/08 05:22 PM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
Frank Schon Offline
Junior Member
Registered: 06/28/08
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Loc: Victoriaville QC Canada
I test drove a G8 GT a few weeks ago and it's a sick car. I don't know when i will be able to get one but the G8 will be my next car for sure
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#211776 - 10/24/08 10:59 AM Re: Welcome to the G8 section
Doug in CT Offline
Registered: 11/22/06
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Loc: CT, USA
Seems that the G8 is already dead (see the other G8 topic). To be honest, the G8 would have to be 8-10 years old before I could ever aford it.
IMHO, the people that are buying the G8 probably won't be showing up on these boards in large numbers. It's similar to when the wife and I cruise in our '76 L-82 Vette. All the old vette drivers give you a wave. The people in the newest vettes don't even glance at us. Enthusiasts usually don't have the cars they are most excited about.
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