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#215261 - 07/28/11 11:55 AM girlfriends new to tell if it has remote start 2007 GP
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My girlfriend just bought a new car yesterday, a 2007 red Pontiac Grand Prix. I went ahead and registered on here, as I am always the one who has to figure out "whats wrong with my car?!?!" So I am sure I will be here all the time now. For instance, she just drove the car off the lot yesterday, not before I popped the hood and discovered the delco battery (maybe stock) leaked out the battery vents and wiped out the positive terminal, turning it to a whitish blue fluffy powder with a thin strip of copper. dealer replaced that no problem. so she drove it a bit then I did (told her she had to, so I could take it at regular speed and see how it reacts before she actively drives it) and sure enough, I get a service TPMS warning. great, I walk around the car, sure enough the front left has a regular rubber stem on it while all other 3 have the metal stems indicating TPMS. is there some kind of override that gets reset with the battery? that and she already threw a code. she is taking it to the dealer to see what they will do.

In the meantime, she did not get a fob with her car. Judging by some of the GM fobs I have seen, I figure it got broken or the loop broke and got lost and thats why it doesnt have one. this was the case when I got my 95 buick century (last car)I had to program a fob to it. I did notice in personalization settings it has an option for remote start, but how do I tell if she has the factory remote start on there before I order a fob? is the option enough indication?
#215262 - 07/28/11 12:14 PM Re: girlfriends new to tell if it has remote start 2007 GP [Re: compudude86]
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There is an rpo code list on a sticker somewhere on the car, usually the trunk lid. Figure out which 3 digit code is remote entry and see if you have it. I don't know about '07 models, but around 2000~ it was AU0 for remote entry.
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#215931 - 09/20/11 12:07 AM Re: girlfriends new to tell if it has remote start 2007 GP [Re: compudude86]
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the 07 is hit the lock button twice and then hold the starter button....if it doesnt work then i guess you dont have it..
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