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#222629 - 02/26/20 01:18 AM I'd say it is RuneScape gold
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I'd say it is RuneScape gold because some relevance was gained by the skill again. I mean consider something like whiteberries - who is going to be farming these at just 4 berries per plant? It should get the type of return we see from herbs. (Wouldn't that be interesting, not needing all our secondary components come from PvM).Summon a [[Giant Ent]] & wear the farmer outfit to secure more whiteberries off a bush.

Amazing, how many times do we need to tell Jagex 120 skills aren't wanted by us before other upgrades that are big? How about creating building useful again, or perhaps AT LEAST putting content into every level past 99.... BUT NO! You just raise level caps to 120 ONLY so people purchase the XP. Really disgusting.

They stated that they combined Construction rework and 120 collectively from the survey is since the M&S rework took a great deal of dev time however maybe not a great deal of involvement by runescape players. So if they rework Construction the question for them is... How can we get every runescape participant, even somebody at max, to put in many many hours at the upgrade? 120s and"reputation" is their answer for Farming, and 120 will probably be the answer for Construction since not a lot of people have it at 120 yet I guess.

So people only purchase keys to train 120 skills? That's only. I totally agree that I would much rather find a rework, but come on folks, realize there's a whole lot of work required to redesign a skill as opposed to tacking on extra content for another already decently setup one. Plus 120 abilities, though I shall fully agree that I wish there was more content at the subsequent levels, help give further goals to shoot for while enjoying, which isn't as much of cheap OSRS gold a"forced requirement" given comp cape lost its glow. It's adding a small longevity to a game that's already very top heavy if you have a look at runescape player levels.