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#222718 - 09/22/20 09:13 PM I do not really think the RuneScape player foundation would whine
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Ah, so it is one of RuneScape gold these. Given the things that its up against it makes sense that there is so much more on top of this pile (I support the priority on these btw and I occasionally have to remind myself of what rests on the top ). I always thought a floor up redo of construction (and stomaching possible parting from some players) is the only viable path. As you say player base, I'd contest that by saying the player base desires the operational preservation of several items (gilded altar, costume room storage(s), workshop components and pet storage). Other elements are a relic from another decade and I also feel like upgrading everything else is quite a chore. If what serves players need could safely be imported into a more modern MMO style"housing" concept.

My vision is having expansive sized houses that have custom hotspots to put furniture on as opposed to the 8x8 grid rooms that we've grown comfortable with. I feel like its only better and less complicated to design from scratch than reworking the 33 room 8x8 code. Glad to listen, though OSRS was sprinting at a significantly faster pace with material compared to RS3 for years now. I know the old argument that RS3 has more graphics, but OSRS has older tools that they use. So pretty much cancels out each other. I would be quite surprised if ORRS hasn't updated nearly all their tools.

Realistically, RS3 overall has much more content and is significantly more complicated than OSRS. Creating something new which will fit in using a meta with no super OP is much harder in RS3 compared to OSRS. We must remember that until OSRS even came out, RS3 had almost 7 decades of updates in addition to it. This is 7 decades of additional content that the devs need to work around to get this content done. While OSRS may have more limited resources, I still think they game they are working with makes it a lot easier for them to output content quicker.

Exactly what I wrote. We know Bond is pay to acquire and we should have approved both RS3 and OSRS are cover to win since 2013. There are always economical players who do not use workbench regardless they're mobile or not. Exactly. Doing pawnbrokers is 40-50% faster compared to portable workbench and that's without using proteans. Absolutely, but also more costly. RS3 is just giving different kinds of players with different levels, in match riches preferences etc their decisions on the best way best to progress. And in osrs the content needs to be really interesting, since if it consistently does not hit the 75% threshold for votes, then the job is moot.

But remember that it can't be a new ideal method to train the skill, otherwise it has to get nerfed because it's more XP/h compared to the present best method, and individuals who already maxed cry and complain about the grind they went through being invalidated.This is the only reason why I wouldn't say OSRS is definitely the better match. It's pretty much the better version, for game integrity and whatnot. But the fact there is not really any upgrades that ever get additional that speed up XP rates without being exceptionally click-intensive/grindy af, it is not something I'd ever be able to recommend to old school rs gold a buddy who never participant RS back in 07.

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