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#222726 - 09/28/20 08:32 PM It's not in any way grand
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Notice: Yesterday I bought somebody 3M worth of Green D'Hide bodies to RuneScape gold exactly the same reason without a hesitation and everything ran perfectly. Second Note: I have proof that I am able to pay for the costs together with not just over 6M in money and nature runes but additionally a Santa Hat in my mind, which, until now, I have been committing for 24 hours to people in Sals CC while I was not playing RuneScape. What happened Sals? Why are we so quick to shoot but so hesistant to return? As many of you should know, you will find lots of forgotten locations in Runescape. Now, this could either mean it has not had a graphical upgrade for years, sometimes it's never ever had fresh graphics, or, it only has nothing to do there.

The other difficulty is cities and places simply not being big enough to bother around occasionally, or matters which are plain weird. The objective of this entry would be to encourage thought about what could be done to fix this, and to collect those thoughts. First, let's begin with Burthorpe, a significant town in Asgarnia, nevertheless, forgotten and left alone for many decades. Burthorpe was the capital Asgarnia, before the King fell sick. . I've a surprise for you. It's not in any way grand, there aren't any walls aside from the castle, meaning that an attack from the trolls could be devastating, and the castle wall has been broken on the side by which trolls would attack, though it does possess scaffolding, but no employees seeking to repair this, or no guards to protect it?! That is really mad! Not only that, the city has never had a lick of paint, which makes it look dull, boring and useless.

Now, a grand town, bigger than Falador with enormous walls and two massive gates protecting the entrances, with small rooms to the guards to make java sleep and eat off duty (Or on duty for those lazy ones. .) Would surely make it better, the walls may be black stone. The castle could have a tall, thick, powerful tower in each corner, each filled with significant rooms. Many homes are added to maintain all the occupants safe, similar style to Falador, but in dark. Each one would be a reasonable size and could consist of things for dwelling, a double bed, a bathroom, another bedroom for a young child, a downstairs having a kitchen and dining room and a bookcase, maybe more, but these are required.

There will be a library and small museum in the walls of Burthorpe, for it's the funding, it requires learning facilities and then neighboring there would be a college for the children to visit. Another issue with Burthorpe is the simple fact that the only bank in Burthorpe (I'm not adding the Warriors Guild as part of Burthorpe) that is in the Thieves den, not great for a Capital town, eh? There would be two banks, both North and South. Now, as for town attractions, what could there be? Or a good smithing purpose for making weapons and armour? A couple good, specialist shops would be great also. Thank you for reading! Just had to vent: So I had a Slayer mission for Turoth, also got TWO clues. The very first one had about 8 stops, incluing two Wildy coord clues + the critically annoying emote clue in which you have to eliminate all outfitted items in a spot where vampires and leeches constantly attack, and then get assaulted by a double agent... where OSRS gold For Sale I obtained 2 rune c-bows, 41 Nature runes, and 14 purple firelighters, whoop-te-doo.

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