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#222728 - 10/05/20 02:48 AM In my opinion RuneScape this update is your best ever
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Weapons such as god claws and swords with ridiculously overpowered specials should never have been made in the first place. Weapons like godswords using their crazily overpowered 132+ to power letting you hit well over what your strength level has allowed you for decades should never have been permitted in pking. The sole reason that they were because if you wished to be able to do enormous amounts of damage you're required to risk the items worth in OSRS gold the procedure. (However that was generally not the case as 80 percent of those people risking were allowed to item protect their godsword).

In my view this upgrade is your best ever. I haven't pk'ed in years. However, I've done plenty of Pjing. Now that's just my type of play and that I bought claws for this purpose only. (Ok well it also looked cool with full dragon). I sold them for lowest cost anyhow. Now in the event that you would like an items crazy high bonus to str or whatever you've got to risk the things worth and it is GUARANTEED if you die. Pking is meant to be dangerous anyhow. It's not meant to be a noob spec-and-run game (what I had been doing). It's intended to be about honor fights. Buying sharks, and the best food to stay alive and hope you don't die. Watch how fast monster weapons come back into rise since they will be dominating the reasons today. People will likely still 76k but examine the lack of PJers now in PvP worlds.

Nobody is going to risk their best things and if they really do feel free to jump in there and steal everything from them. I believe that it's the best idea in my opinion. I get to utilize the 5 sets of rune in my bank for pking and the few dragon scimitars and dds's that I have. I'm going to go and pk properly because I am not going to have 1 or two struck by ags and claw specs that may hit my hitpoints greatest, and if a person wants to use claws on me they better hope they don't die.

I hope that you , somehow find this update useful. Even in the event that you can not utilize your ags or god sword along with your sense that you have wasted your money on claws. (You ought to be lining up to market them instant price right now) only be pleased with your whip. In 99 str + piety you can still hit around 45 that is a two hit kill to most people. I despise level 70 memebers who all look the same with their dragon legs, obby sheilds, obby capes, dragon gaunlets, dragon helms and dragon boots. I mean have some sort of Old School RS Gold orignality do some quests, achievment diarys wear that stuff. Although it isn't all their fault, its own Jagex making most armour crap and useless with like level 40 requirements.

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