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#222747 - 12/01/20 01:20 AM Okay, so here's the deal.
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Okay, so here's the deal... I'm gonna find membership again and I had been thinking of ways of RuneScape gold earning cash (around 20m would do for me personally ), but it seems like every strategy I came around to, was dull. But when I heard about God Wars Dungeon, it looked pretty interesting. Initially I did a bit of research, and it seemed the only corner that I thought would suit me, was Bandos' Stronghold. I can not kill the boss, so I'm thinking about going after his minions. And they do appear to fall seeds that may be a fantastic enough cash resource. So here's my question...

Am I prepared for God Wars Dungeon yet? If yeah, then please compose what equipments will be good for me. I am really desperate for money. And skilling appears to take forever. And don't go all like,'OMFG YOUR STR IS SO LOW NUB GO TRAIN IT OR YOU STAND NO CHANCE!'When I do get mems I will for sure own: Guthans (utilizing helm and spear only when curing ). D boots. Black mask (shortly to be slayer helm after several quests) Whip. Rune defender (already have). Fury. Sara Sword (possibly have not determined yet). Combat Bracelet/Bracelet of Regeneration (that is better?) . But what else men? Thanks for all help. Well I currently have roughly level 52 ranged, 33 mage, 41 hp, 1 str, att, def, prayer, summoning and 35cb...

I was wondering when I need to get def on this account. Money isn't really a problem because this acc has no money making skills and is currently a runescape millionaire (acc is 6 days old) so I don't NEED to get def up to save on food, but wished to know if I should/when I need to. Also I was wondering when I need to get att/str. I think I can get like 70 att/str levels with no cb atm (but I'm also worried about hp levels including to my cb) and finally I wanted to know if I need to train mage through battle, teletabs (this option is tough for me since I don't have easy access to some lectern) or Best OSRS Gold site simply utilizing tele spells. Again I'm only worried about the hp levels including to my cb if I train through combat.

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