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#222808 - 04/07/21 01:18 AM How to buy OSRS gold better?
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Adamantine - A smoother and more modern appearance, with a shinier tinge on everything and small spikes near the armpits and protect corners. Again, it is the helm that's thinner, using a grey crest instead of OSRS gold a blue one, along with a gray stripe instead of red on the medium. Rune - A smoother and more modern appearance, and emeralds gleaming on the shoulders (platebody) and arbitrary places one of the email (chainbody). The thighs have been geometrically shaped, the helms are more pointed, and the shields are more curvy. These are simply examples. What do you think about this? Any suggestions?

The quest seems a bit hurried, and the manner by which the NPCs talk does not seem like actual people. Also, I believe like the quest is a bit illogical. Should you need to set a town guard, why do you go to Sedridor? When I did not have a manual, I'd be searching for hours, then probably give up, until one day I happened to talk with Sedridor and I noticed the choice for the pursuit.

If there's no logical route, then there is no reason to move there. Would not it make more sense to go to Sir Amik Varze, King Roald, or the Duke of Lumbridge if you need to establish a guard? Even that one knight in Varrock who is in charge of the guard.

Second, there is not any reason for Sigmund to be there. The HAM narrative is profoundly between Dorgeshuun, and no one wishes to kill the main bad guy in an entirely unrelated pursuit, what will the final one be around? There is no purpose too, having Sigmund there additional nothing to the plotline of this quest. What's the Wise Old Man there? He retired! The Swan Song was his last foray prior to Buy RS gold retirment, since that is what Swan Song signifies. Again, having there didn't really add anything, you were much better off taking an NPC in the pursuit.