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#223052 - 11/24/21 02:57 AM How to invest in cryptocurrency correctly?
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The hardest part of investing is figuring out what to invest in and how much. Because investing money is not a problem. The problem is exactly how to invest money so as not to lose it, but to multiply it.

The available investment assets differ in different degrees of risk. But, as a rule, this very risk directly affects profitability.

There is a constant pattern for any investment: the higher the risk, the greater the potential return, whereas low-risk investments imply less profit.

Most professional investors, for greater reliability, advise to diversify their investments, that is, distribute them across different areas and assets.
When investing in cryptocurrency, investment risks increase due to the specific features of digital money:

First of all, we mean the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market (constancy and cryptocurrencies are incompatible things).
Secondly, the lack of regulation of cryptocurrencies and a unified position on their account by public authorities makes their position quite vulnerable.
There is also a third, and a fourth, and a fifth: cryptocurrencies really have a number of characteristics that make them high-risk assets for investment. But, on the other hand, you can earn a lot if you choose the right digital asset. This is exactly what we will do next.

How to choose a digital asset for investment
How to fill your investment portfolio in order to minimize risks?

In general, investments are largely based on intuition. Despite the fact that there is a certain algorithm for how to choose a reliable asset, this is a fairly intuitive process. And even if you follow certain rules, it is impossible to predict the profitability of a particular cryptocurrency asset.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and unpredictable: there are too many variables and not enough constants.
Anyway, there are a number of criteria that will help you choose the right digital asset to invest in. Among them:

The liquidity of the coin, that is, its ability to be easily converted into cash or other coins;
Presence on exchanges, including top ones, so that the asset can be easily bought, sold or exchanged for other coins;
The current exchange rate of the coin and the presence of an uptrend over the past 1-2 years;
The prospects of the asset: what experts say/write about it, where the market is moving in general;
The project team: what is known about it, what achievements and development plans, what reputation, is there an official registration, etc.
Simply put, the selected asset must be in demand by the market, actively traded, and easily converted into fiat or other digital currencies. And the team should have a clear strategy on how to develop the project and make it as profitable as possible for investors.
#223054 - 11/25/21 05:46 AM Re: How to invest in cryptocurrency correctly? [Re: nonnert]
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#223055 - 11/25/21 06:33 PM Re: How to invest in cryptocurrency correctly? [Re: nonnert]
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I see how cryptos are gaining momentum and I am sure that at home you can make a lot of profit from this if you try and know how and what exactly you need to do. I have been interested in cryptocurrencies for quite a long time and now.
#223056 - 11/25/21 10:06 PM Re: How to invest in cryptocurrency correctly? [Re: nonnert]
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