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#223295 - 08/05/22 08:33 AM Villain Tier List
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While I realize there are some all around on here, I figured I'd do a refreshed one (albeit this depends just on what I've found out about greater and badder). This is just closely-held conviction on how simple certain reprobates are to win with. This is fundamentally in a 1v1 circumstance as that is the manner by which I normally play.

S - Queen of hearts, Facilier (not upset by their destiny decks) A - Mim, Ratigan (speedy and difficult to stop) B - Evil Queen, Captain Hook, Horned King, Yzma (interesting to get rolling yet almost difficult to stop while bulldozing) C - Pete, Cruella, John, Gaston, Maleficent (hard yet when you get the right cards hard to stop) D - Lady Tremaine, Scar (very sluggish and destiny decks can impair you) E - Ursula, Gothel, Jafar (truly sluggish and unsafe destiny decks) F - Lotso, Syndrome, Hades (totally ruthless destiny decks)