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#223359 - 11/27/22 09:15 PM Another one that I see pop often is wow
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For me, I believe the goal of legendaries is to spice things up and encourage players to play the game the best they are able to. When you actually play regularly, you'll experience moments like "Oh I just discovered my cache" or "I just spoke to Blingtron and was greeted with a fantastical legend buy WoTLK Gold." It's a great thing to capture and the variety those moments only enhances your game's complexities. It seems that, at any point players will decide that one is the best or one is the worst. There will always be something like that, but, it's not about that, it's how the players have all shared in at least a bit of that content, whether they are playing a little or they play a lot.

You mentioned that it is something that could be conflicting. We have a fairly good community team, and on the development team it is our goal to listen to that the feedback of players. What's good in this game? What wasn't feeling good? What was your personal experience and why did it not feel good? The team is constantly evolving, and as we continue putting out patches and putting out content, we'll keep looking at systems like the legendary ones, and figure out if and make changes where it is necessary.

Another one that I see pop often is regarding realm balance; some players feel that there are either too many Horde or more Alliance players within their particular realm. Are you still struggling to figure out the right balance for?

We take that into account One of the biggest things that was introduced in Legion includes our Sharding technology. It's been a constant evolution from Mists of Pandaria when we first introduced cross-realms into this game. And it's only developed further since then. The game certainly has more energy now than it has ever been. Whichever zone I'm in I'm always interacting with some people WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. In terms of population, it's something that's going to be particular to a specific area from time period. We're going to try and do what we can however there's nothing specific to share on that front.