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#216883 - 11/28/11 03:15 AM Heater Not Working
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On my way to work tonight my heater didnt come on i live approx.20 miles from my job & after about 13 miles the heater still didnt work i let all my cars run until they reach normal operating temps before i get in & pull off,everything seemed swell but as i got closer to work no heat at all temp gauge read normal the coolant in the radiator is full the coolant in the overflow bottle is full,so i dont see why the heater isnt working heres a list of things i replaced last week

1.)new radiator
2.)new thermostat
3.)new antifreeze/coolant
4.)new hoses
5.)new clamps
6.)new overflow/back up container
Heater Core isnt leaking
Temp stays at safe operating level,both cooling & a/c fans work,so guys what can it be? BTW my car is a 05 Comp G GTP if that helps any

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